Cabana Rental Policies

Reservation and Cancellation Policies:

Modifying your Reservation:
You may modify your reservation up to 48 hours in advance.

This includes:

  • purchasing additional tickets (limit 20 per Cabana rental)
  • Ordering catering items from the menu
  • If you want to book for more than twenty people, you will need to rent two cabanas separately (based on availability).
  • Cabana rentals are limited to TWO per day, per email address.

No Refund – If canceled less than 7 days before your reservation.

Rules and Regulations:

NO ONE will be admitted to Paradise Ocean Club, or your cabana, without a ticket showing an approved QR code. Don’t forget a QR code for yourself as the host!!

Each of your guests must present their own unique QR code, either on a printed ticket or on their phone.

Each QR code may only be scanned ONCE and will then expire.

PLEASE ENSURE your guests know the name of the party under which your Cabana is reserved before they arrive.

The front desk will have your name as the host of the cabana. If this cabana is for a special event (i.e. Jennifer’s Birthday Party).

Cabana access will be limited to the number of guests paid for in advance. There are no exceptions to this rule.

You may decorate the cabana by tying balloons or a banner to the posts.

There can be no permanent attachments or anything that may alter the condition of the cabana (holes, tacks, duct/gorilla tape).

No confetti or small paper items, please.

Remember that the conditions can be windy, so plan decorations accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us about possible items in advance. Paradise has the right to refuse any decorations.

If guests bring gifts for an event, no alcohol or tobacco products are allowed.

No amplified or outside music is allowed during your stay.

No outside food or beverages permitted, except for cake or cupcakes.

Signature Agreement

Signature Agreement

Please print your name in the boxes below to agree to the rules and regulations.